My Mission Is To Help

Many years ago my family and I witnessed my grandpa stop breathing while he was taking his after lunch naps. He would finish his lunch and excuse himself to his favorite easy chair and fall asleep shortly after getting settled. He would start to snore and it was loud. We all thought it was hilarious. While he was snoring we would notice he was also stopping his breathing for what seemed like forever. Then he would gasp suddenly for air and start snoring again. It was amusing to us. Sadly I understand now he was also slowly dying. This ritual took place for years and none of us were ever aware this was causing harmed to our beloved grandfather. If I only had the knowledge then I have now. Perhaps he would still be with us. If you’re aware of this happening to someone you know and love. Please have them seek a consultation with a Sleep Specialist. Sincerely Dr. Jon Monette.